Water demon

Since Kirianna learned to drink from a straw, she’s been sucking down water like it’s nobody’s business. That being said, she refuses to drink the following aside from a few sips to try it: milk, chocolate milk, Silk (soy milk), chocolate Silk, juice, and most of anything else I’d put into a baby. She tried some of my chai tea today, but just enough to sample. Since she’s been anti-milk, she’s been gobbling up yogurt with about as much gusto as water. She probably ate about 15 ounces of it today, no joke. She’s also refusing most of the pureed foods she’d been sucking down so well, but has been more experimental with actual solids (this is ok; you can hide purees in yogurt). She ate part of a saltine, tried some pepperoni but couldn’t chew it very well, tried some pizza dough but spit it right out. Like her big brother, she leans toward foods that are a bit spicy – her favorite things to try to eat include jalapeno flavored Cheetos and pizza flavored potato sticks.

We are down to two breastfeedings per day: afternoon and night. I cut out the morning session after realizing I could wake her up without it. She’s really freaking cranky by the feeding times, whether or not she’s eaten enough. Poor kid just likes to suck. Thankfully, she gets some practice with her straw so it’s not just on me, literally.

She spent a day standing by herself in 20 second intervals, but hasn’t been interested in it since.

I think she’s cutting two more teeth and that’s distracting her from, well, life. She currently has 4 on top and 2 on bottom.

Today she picked up a baby doll and held it on her shoulder just like we hold her, and then started patting its butt. She then snuggled her head down to it. It was seriously the most adorable thing. I should have the camera around more often in order to record it.

1 year old!

Look who’s no longer “0 years old!”

Kirianna had a lovely time for her first birthday. We did not have a big party; we don’t have a lot of “baby friends” for her like we did for her brother. We did, however, have cupcakes and a giant cupcake-shaped cake in her honor. We celebrated on the day before her birthday as well as her actual birthday. The first mini-party was a cookout with family in town and the second was a playdate with her friend Marcus who is two weeks older (and the little brother of Tristan’s friend Kingston from his class). Kiri did not actually eat any of the cupcake but she did a pretty good job destroying one with her hands and feet.

She did not take the famed first steps one sometimes takes on the first birthday. I almost expected her to, what with her timely arrival one day before her due date, but she’s just not ready yet.

Her grandma came to visit us for the birthday. Kiri was very predictable: first shy, then completely happy to be with grandma as long as I wasn’t anywhere to be seen or heard. Grandma seemed to perfect the “get baby to sleep on the left shoulder” technique, which will also be very useful for weaning.

We finally got her to drink through a straw. We ended up giving her chocolate milk and she figured it out. She’s managed to drink three times now. This is big – it means I will be able to wean her from the breast. It was quite frustrating when she wouldn’t drink anything. The chocolate milk was the pre-mixed stuff available at the store diluted with whole milk. We will be able to thin it up until she accepts regular milk and hopefully a few other things, but not before she gets used to taking drinks from a straw. I am so freaking proud of her, though! It was a very “she’s a big girl now” moment.

She had her one year doctor’s visit. Poor girl had to get jabbed 6 times for all of her vaccinations. Then she had to get poked again for a blood draw. She recovered well, and has a clean bill of health. No anemia, yay!

She’s very fascinated by the concept of “up” and will not only say the word, but point in that direction and look. She also likes it when someone puts an object on the head and says “hat” – she tries to imitate this and say it, but the object goes behind her head and she says “at.” She still likes balls a lot, but isn’t as fascinated by them as she had been. James got her to say “ding” when discussing elevators (big brother Tristan’s current obsession) with her.

Some more firsts

Kirianna had her first bike ride yesterday! We took the iBert seat on the big black cruiser bike, with Tristan on his own bike riding behind us. We went to a local park that was maybe a quarter mile away, played for a few minutes, and then got back on the bikes. Kiri wasn’t wild about the helmet at first, but she was fine with wearing it while we were moving.

She’s been taking a liking to the swings, and understands the word ‘swing.’ She enjoys being pushed about as high as I’m comfortable pushing an almost 1 year old. She can also sort of answer whether she’d like to swing more or be all done; she will point at me and then hold her arms out to be picked up if she’s done.

Kiri seems to understand: come here (doesn’t always follow this but thinks very hard about it), hold this, do you want some pudding (she LOVES pudding and will crawl from wherever she is when she sees a container), hat (she tries to say this but it’s kind of muffled), necklace, headband, spinny. She also points to things and says ‘dat’ and seems to want to know what it is.

About 5 times in the past few days, she’s been willing to try standing without support. It hasn’t lasted longer than I can say the words ‘look at this shit’ but the fact that she’s putting an effort into it is kind of awesome.

She’s finally cutting those next teeth; numbers 5 and 6 are now visible. Poor little girl is teething hard. She’d been having a hard time sleeping for nearly a week.. we were on our 100th cold of the season or so and she just would not fucking sleep for about half of the night. We were at our wits’ end and every single one of us was completely worn out and pissed off. We tried rocking her, holding her, feeding her, letting her fall asleep in our bed, repeating the process, trading off, so on and so forth. It’s kind of fortunate for her that she has an older brother who would be a bigger pain in the ass if he were awake, so we weren’t too tempted to mess with that and let her cry alone in her bed. Then as I was cleaning her teeth, I noticed blood and had a very big “duh” moment. We realized that the one thing we forgot to do when she woke up in the middle of the night was give her a dose of painkiller. I also mixed up a teething oil (very diluted clove oil) that seems to work instantly. That being said, she’s slept well for two nights and I have this odd feeling that comes from not being up for an hour or more and trying to make up for a lack of sleep during the day. (Knock on wood..)

Mama and solids

Kirianna not only is saying the ‘ma’ sound, she is saying it specifically toward me! That’s not to say she doesn’t say it just for the hell of it as well, but she certainly is addressing or requesting me by saying ‘ma ma ma.’

She is also finally open to the idea of finger foods and more chunky foods than puree! As of yesterday, she was willing to try cereal puffs and oddly enough, some of Tristan’s Jalapenitos, which are freaking jalapeno flavored corn chips. That means she officially beats Tristan at eating spicy shit as a baby (he ate the red hot Cheetos at 16 months). I don’t think she did much other than suck on the spicy chips and then ooze them out onto the floor in gummy, squishy chunks. But she actually consumed cereal puffs and swallowed them to an extent – yes, more did end up on the floor than in her mouth. That being said, I put them into her mouth because if I hand them to her or leave them within her reach, she systematically deposits them onto the floor.

She has also seemed to gain a level in the amount of food consumed – I think it might be a growth spurt.

She still has four teeth, probably going on twelve.

The entire family has been Pretty Fucking Sick for about two weeks, with us getting over it right about now. Kirianna, being unlucky enough to not know how to blow her nose, has been making friends with the NoseFrida Snot Sucker. She hates it and needs to be pinned down for the process, but she is grateful she can breathe afterward. While she was congested, she would start to get fussy around the time that it would be time to perform the snot sucking procedure, but she’d be calm after it was over. At first the cats even got mad at me and one even nipped me, probably wondering if I was torturing her.

A few weeks ago (right before we got sick) Kirianna got a chance to re-meet her aunt Cindy while able to differentiate people. It took Kiri a little while to be ok with someone that wasn’t me holding her and spending time with her, but she warmed up very quickly to the point where she’d start to cry if Cindy left the room, sort of like she cries when I leave. It was very cute and it was wonderful to watch her forming attachments, especially since she’s initially very shy and clingy.

January quick note

Kirianna has started saying “cat” although it’s kind of muffled. Not surprised that she wants to say it, as it’s one of the first words she learned to understand. I think she also is trying to say “Tristan.”

She understands “baby up,” “come here,” “down,” and probably a few more. She likes to point to our nose, eyes, and mouth and have us say the words. It’s possible that she knows “nose” but she’s not consistent with it yet.

She’s still very happy to breastfeed, and I still want to work on weaning at 12 months. We offered her cow’s milk once and she likes it; not sure if she will accept it as a substitute. But I believe we officially get to skip formula. She also likes soy milk a lot. She will drink from an open cup (with an adult holding and tipping it) but hasn’t figured out how to use a straw yet.

She is very particular about the types of food she will eat. Of course, the hungrier she is, the more she will try, but she prefers citrus fruit and yogurt based foods. She still isn’t interested in lumpy foods or putting finger foods in her mouth, although she has been observed tasting some of the pieces of food that she’s very happy to carry around and occasionally mouthing her toys. Still not a danger to herself with regard to objects lying around – this is handy in a practical sense but we know it’s not developmentally regular.

Her sleeping is very off-schedule as she’s been sick for a week and change now. She’s been taking longer naps during the day but sleeping less at night – another mixed blessing. She is not nursing well to sleep at night and won’t nod off until 11pm or so; however, this might be useful in the weaning process as the before bed feeding could be expected to be the hardest one.

She’s very confident cruising on anything but still won’t let go to stand or walk on her own. She will grab your hands and walk a step or two, and then sit down and happily crawl. This contrasts greatly with her older brother, who insisted on being walked around for months but took his first solo steps at the age Kirianna is now. She will walk when she is interested; I am happy that she does not demand excessive attention to the matter, because with said older brother around, the attention would be impossible to give.

She has four teeth now. She had one for a long time and then sprouted three more within days of each other. I believe there are more ready to poke up any moment now.

Kiwi’s first Christmas

Kirianna has made it through her first Christmas! We only got her one big gift, since she doesn’t especially give a crap about holidays quite yet. It’s the Little Tikes Activity Garden, which is like a playhouse meant for kids who are under a year old. That being said, big brother Tristan plays with it a whole lot more than Kiri does. She did help rip some of the paper off of the box, but was more interested in playing with the play food that came with one of Tristan’s toys.

Her body has decided to sprout some Christmas presents – she is getting THREE more teeth right now. And she is miserable about it. She has become super clingy, strongly aversive to food, and not sleeping very well. We are trying to sleep train her a little bit, since she’s no longer responding to the usual formula of suck, suck, fall asleep, drop nipple, be carried to crib, sleep. She started sucking for an hour or so, falling asleep, and waking up screaming as soon as she hit the crib. Last night she cried for about an hour while James went back in to check on her and hang out with her without picking her up; I had better luck tonight as I was able to put her down and sit with her for about three minutes before she zombied out.

I suspect she will be walking in another month or two. She can pull up on just about anything now – very little actual support is required, and she only needs to hold on kinda-sorta with one hand. She’s gained her crawling credentials so she’s probably stepped down (pun not intended) the quest for mobility.

We have switched her to size 4 disposable diapers and completely unsnapped her cloth diapers’ size-down setup.

Mobility all ninja-like

Kirianna has learned to crawl and cruise this week! She’s still working on the crawling bit – she’s not quite adept at it yet. But she can get into position and get where she’s going. She’s also able to pull up to standing on me or anything somewhat stable and even sit back down by herself. She’s really gained confidence in moving from object to object. She very much resembles her big brother in the timing of learning to crawl and pull up – he also did both at about the same time and just shy of 9 months old. Unlike him, however, Kiri is trying to stand alone on her own and isn’t yet trying to have me (or anyone else) walk her around rooms.

This evening, we all went out to Red Robin.. it’s been a long time since we went out to eat as a family to somewhere we didn’t have to pay first. Kiri did wonderfully – she was entertained by all of the people walking by and sitting down nearby. We fed her pureed bananas while she sat in a high chair and ate our food, and she played with a one-sheet plastic menu.


It’s by no means consistent, but Kirianna has started pointing at things she wants or finds interesting. That’s a big thing we were watching out for because of autism in the family.

She has something very uncommon going on: she doesn’t put a hell of a lot into her mouth. This includes her toys or foods lumpier than puree. Since she’s pushing 9 months old, it’s something I notice since we have a lot of oral sensitivity/aversions going on in the family.

Language and motion

Kirianna started clapping her hands together tonight. I think this might be related to the Your Baby Can Read videos I show her when I want her to focus on something other than me for twenty minutes. She’s also been waving (mostly at herself in the mirror) and getting more consistent with high-fives.

Very much like big brother Tristan, she’s still not doing very well with crawling (though she can sort of ghetto it when she really is motivated), but has started trying to cruise from object to object already. I trust her to do it steadily when she’s not trying to climb me; however, she tries to climb me rather frequently. She seems far more clingy than some babies her age and drools far less. She’s very cautious about what she puts in her mouth and is averse to lumpier textures than pureed foods.

She is also completely addicted to the boob. She can’t fall asleep without one in her mouth unless she’s in a moving car and very tired. However, she’s changing her sleep patterns in general and it’s very hard to predict when she may be ready for a nap. This results in both a disproportionate time spent in a bed feeding her (trying to get her to go the fuck to sleep) and very sore nipples. I still want to wean her at age 1, so it’s time to start researching the process a bit more.

Chomp chomp

We have a tooth! It’s just barely cut through and we can’t really see it yet, but we can feel that it’s there. No wonder Ms. Fussypaws has been so, well, fussy lately.

Kirianna has been in her own room for about two weeks. That’s going.. not so well. The first night was rough – it was a new bed for her as well, since she’s in Tristan’s old crib instead of the Arms Reach bassinet. Then she slept through the night for maybe a couple of days. Since then, she has been up every freaking four hours or less. I’m getting really shitty sleep and it’s making me feel like hell. We’ve all been sick off and on for the past couple of weeks as well, so that probably contributes to Kirianna’s nighttime parties. For the most part, she cries to be fed, sucks for twenty minutes, and then goes back to sleep; once in a while, though, she wants to be up for an hour or so. And ‘up’ doesn’t mean I can plop her in the crib – it means that I have to lie next to her while she occupies herself doing something that probably is bumping me. Very much like her brother.

Since I felt the tooth, I busted out the Tylenol and hope that has some effect on her sleeping pattern. Seriously.

She’s also, like big brother, trying to learn to crawl and stand up at the same time. She’s getting pretty crafty at pulling herself up on tables and people, and she can switch between seated and lying position when she wants to (no more worrying about her hitting her head suddenly when sitting!).

Either yesterday or the day before, she started giving high-fives. She’s not really consistent on responding to it as an instruction yet, but she’s delivered a couple of times on command. She does it about three times and looks SO very pleased when praised for it.