First Foods

During Kirianna’s infancy, these are the solid foods introduced to her and the date introduced. The first solid food was given the day after Kirianna turned 5 months old.

Date Food Comments
12/11/12 Blueberry/Soy
12/9/12 Prunes
12/5/12 Lentils
11/29/12 Turkey
11/26/12 Orange
11/22/12 Tomato Loosening up single ingredients from here on.
11/18/12 Raspberry
11/14/12 Corn
11/7/12 Apricot
11/2/12 Spinach
10/28/12 Quinoa, Lemon Ingredient in blend.
10/22/12 Squash
10/17/12 Onion Ingredient in blend.
10/12/12 Wheat
10/8/12 Peaches
10/3/12 Chicken Showing substantial more interest in solids.
9/27/12 Carrots Likes it; becomes diving octopus while feeding.
9/22/12 Mango Likes it a lot
9/18/12 Peas Likes it but keeps putting hands in mouth.
9/14/12 Green beans Gobbled them like we never fed her before.
9/9/12 Acerola In combination fruit pouches. Refused the pouch and wanted milk.
9/5/12 Sweet Potato
9/1/12 Pear Likes it a lot.
8/28/12 Apple Did NOT like it – made sour face and stopped taking the spoon.
8/24/12 Banana Fell asleep mid-feeding.
8/20/12 Barley Didn’t seem as enthusiastic but still ate it.
8/16/12 Oatmeal Getting the hang of eating from a spoon.
8/12/12 Rice Cereal Gobbled it right down and tried to help feed herself.

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