17 month progression

Today I put Your Baby Can Read on for Kirianna and she surprised me by repeating the words ‘clap’ and ‘nose’ when they were spoken in the video. She also will clap upon hearing the word ‘clap’ and clap to If You’re Happy and You Know It.

She is also becoming VERY obnoxious lately; I assume this is her increasing competence but not wisdom as a growing toddler. Basically, she needs damn near constant supervision these past couple of days. If I need to use the toilet, she looks around until she finds me.. and then comes into the bathroom (I know better than to lock it if I don’t want to hear desperate screaming), shuts the door, and begins crying to get out.. and THEN starts climbing the stepstool by the sink but begins crying when she slips. For real, a person just wants to use the toilet in peace and not have to leap to perform life-saving actions.

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