And we’re back!

It’s been a long time since I’ve had an update. That’s partly because Kiri hasn’t had a lot of newsworthiness, but it’s mostly because every time I upgraded the software I used for the site, the damn site broke and I got sick of that.

So, Kiri is 17 months old now.

She walks well and kind of runs. She just learned how to climb down stairs (on her butt, thankfully) today. She ALWAYS wants to go outside.

Her hair is still relatively short because I’m cutting it to even it out before letting it all grow. She loves the shower and hates having her hair washed and trimmed but tolerates it. She’s a bit less squirrely when I have a scissor up to her head, which makes life easier. She loves hats; if you give her one, you must help her keep it on until she forgets about it or she will lose her shit.

She loves her big brother Tristan and doesn’t take offense when he bosses her around. She has taken a liking to the show “Phineas and Ferb” (her brother’s FAVORITE) and can be kept busy while it is on, as long as you’re not lazy in starting the new episode. She likes to carry around a lot of Tristan’s toys, including a plastic knife that’s supposed to be for cutting food. She likes to stack blocks, but I forgot how high she’s gotten them independently. She seems to instinctively know how to pretend to use items she sees usually as toys: brushes, cups, the like (big developmental milestone we were looking out for).

There aren’t many new words being said, but she’s started saying “no” a lot more lately (though not necessarily for any good reason) and I think she is saying “door.” She will wave “bye” on command, about ten seconds after I ask her to. She understands when I ask her if she would like to eat and goes over to her chair. If you say “shower” she has been known to walk her ass right to the shower, expecting one.

She is occasionally a drama queen but can be distracted easily. Sometimes she sleeps very well and sometimes she sleeps like complete shit. This week she’s done both – earlier this week, I spent about 4 hours during the middle of the night awake with her. She likes having a light blanket draped over her once she settles into sleepy baby position. We still need to stay with her until she passes out; I keep telling myself that if she’s done with that by age 4 we’re still ahead with her.

She has 9 teeth, going on 12, I think. She seems to be perpetually teething; I think all babies are until they’re 2.5 or so anyway.

She is still VERY clingy but also a lot more interested in exploring her environment. She likes to see me at all times and will follow me if she notices me leave. She still won’t let anyone but James and me hold her unless I’m just plain not in her thoughts.

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  1. Hi,

    Wanted to say Happy Birthday to Tristan and James. Please give me a call. I’d love to see the kids. I’ll stay at a local hotel and bring Aunt Toni.

    Love Mom

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