First steps

Kirianna is now officially a walker! Well, technically. She will walk about two steps at a time and then plant it, but she’s trying really hard. We practiced with some Walking Wings about a week ago and she finally was brave enough to try it without help earlier this week.

We are also all done with breastfeeding. 13 months isn’t bad, and her transition has been positive. I was out during Kiri’s bedtime and her dad managed to get her to sleep. This meant that there was no last feeding of the day, but she managed to get to sleep. We took that and ran with it – we’re also working on getting her to sleep in her bed without needing to be sneaked into it asleep. Since the routine takes place in a different room, she’s handling it very well. (For the first time ever, both of us can interchangeably put both kids to bed! This is big.) She’s also been sleeping much better since that point, knock on wood.

And then there’s the “what the hell?” which is that Kiri has had hives all over her body for a week. We’re not sure why; the doctor thinks it’s a virus and it’s a natural possible symptom. The hives improve with Benadryl, but we try to give her periods of break from the drug. We’re also wondering if there’s something causing her allergic symptoms, such as laundry detergent or food.

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