Food has been accomplished

Kirianna has suddenly figured out how to eat actual food! It’s kind of freaky. It clicked about a week ago when she saw me eating a chocolate covered graham cracker. She solicited a piece, I handed it to her, she put it in her mouth and chewed, and now she can be fed pieces of food. She will try most of everything put in front of her. She still prefers strongly flavored foods (ginger and garlic crunchy noodles seem to be her favorite) but she is trying so much freaking food that it’s amazing. I am so glad that she can eat. I can handle picky eating but she was beginning to scare me there!

We’ve also been having some success with milk again. Granted, it’s flavored chocolate and vanilla milk, but I’ll take it. Drinking is a lot faster than eating, and it gets very tiring (and she gets very poopy) when she needs to eat every hour because she only drinks water. She’s still reliably and independently drinking water from a toddler straw cup, which is very useful since water can sit around all day without compromising anyone’s health so it’s really easy to pack and have on hand.

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