1 year old!

Look who’s no longer “0 years old!”

Kirianna had a lovely time for her first birthday. We did not have a big party; we don’t have a lot of “baby friends” for her like we did for her brother. We did, however, have cupcakes and a giant cupcake-shaped cake in her honor. We celebrated on the day before her birthday as well as her actual birthday. The first mini-party was a cookout with family in town and the second was a playdate with her friend Marcus who is two weeks older (and the little brother of Tristan’s friend Kingston from his class). Kiri did not actually eat any of the cupcake but she did a pretty good job destroying one with her hands and feet.

She did not take the famed first steps one sometimes takes on the first birthday. I almost expected her to, what with her timely arrival one day before her due date, but she’s just not ready yet.

Her grandma came to visit us for the birthday. Kiri was very predictable: first shy, then completely happy to be with grandma as long as I wasn’t anywhere to be seen or heard. Grandma seemed to perfect the “get baby to sleep on the left shoulder” technique, which will also be very useful for weaning.

We finally got her to drink through a straw. We ended up giving her chocolate milk and she figured it out. She’s managed to drink three times now. This is big – it means I will be able to wean her from the breast. It was quite frustrating when she wouldn’t drink anything. The chocolate milk was the pre-mixed stuff available at the store diluted with whole milk. We will be able to thin it up until she accepts regular milk and hopefully a few other things, but not before she gets used to taking drinks from a straw. I am so freaking proud of her, though! It was a very “she’s a big girl now” moment.

She had her one year doctor’s visit. Poor girl had to get jabbed 6 times for all of her vaccinations. Then she had to get poked again for a blood draw. She recovered well, and has a clean bill of health. No anemia, yay!

She’s very fascinated by the concept of “up” and will not only say the word, but point in that direction and look. She also likes it when someone puts an object on the head and says “hat” – she tries to imitate this and say it, but the object goes behind her head and she says “at.” She still likes balls a lot, but isn’t as fascinated by them as she had been. James got her to say “ding” when discussing elevators (big brother Tristan’s current obsession) with her.

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