Some more firsts

Kirianna had her first bike ride yesterday! We took the iBert seat on the big black cruiser bike, with Tristan on his own bike riding behind us. We went to a local park that was maybe a quarter mile away, played for a few minutes, and then got back on the bikes. Kiri wasn’t wild about the helmet at first, but she was fine with wearing it while we were moving.

She’s been taking a liking to the swings, and understands the word ‘swing.’ She enjoys being pushed about as high as I’m comfortable pushing an almost 1 year old. She can also sort of answer whether she’d like to swing more or be all done; she will point at me and then hold her arms out to be picked up if she’s done.

Kiri seems to understand: come here (doesn’t always follow this but thinks very hard about it), hold this, do you want some pudding (she LOVES pudding and will crawl from wherever she is when she sees a container), hat (she tries to say this but it’s kind of muffled), necklace, headband, spinny. She also points to things and says ‘dat’ and seems to want to know what it is.

About 5 times in the past few days, she’s been willing to try standing without support. It hasn’t lasted longer than I can say the words ‘look at this shit’ but the fact that she’s putting an effort into it is kind of awesome.

She’s finally cutting those next teeth; numbers 5 and 6 are now visible. Poor little girl is teething hard. She’d been having a hard time sleeping for nearly a week.. we were on our 100th cold of the season or so and she just would not fucking sleep for about half of the night. We were at our wits’ end and every single one of us was completely worn out and pissed off. We tried rocking her, holding her, feeding her, letting her fall asleep in our bed, repeating the process, trading off, so on and so forth. It’s kind of fortunate for her that she has an older brother who would be a bigger pain in the ass if he were awake, so we weren’t too tempted to mess with that and let her cry alone in her bed. Then as I was cleaning her teeth, I noticed blood and had a very big “duh” moment. We realized that the one thing we forgot to do when she woke up in the middle of the night was give her a dose of painkiller. I also mixed up a teething oil (very diluted clove oil) that seems to work instantly. That being said, she’s slept well for two nights and I have this odd feeling that comes from not being up for an hour or more and trying to make up for a lack of sleep during the day. (Knock on wood..)

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