The call has been made

I put in a call to Early Start about Kirianna. She’s to be evaluated for services. It probably won’t happen for a month or so, but I just wanted to get it underway before she turned 2.

That being said, I’ve seen considerable growth language-wise from her lately. She’s getting better at listening to commands without needing a physical prompt or overt gesturing.

I can tell her “out” and she will understand and even start move out of whatever room I am chasing her from. This means I can relax with the doors a little bit.

I still don’t think she has any clue what the word “no” really means – she says it, she answers things that sound like questions with it, but it has no other context (e.g. “What time is it?” “Noooo”). She will still say “no” when she means any other word, so I’m not sure how valid that word is.

She says “ball” in perfect context and adores throwing, rolling, and kicking them.

She says “ah-si” for outside and she will use it as a request – saying it means “Can we go outside?” She loves to be outside – walking, being pushed on a tricycle, going to the park.

She still definitely knows cats and dogs and will point them out in a picture book. If there are several pictures of a cat on a page and you point and label one cat, she will point to the others. She doesn’t seem to do a lot of pointing outside of that one particular picture book. She’s actually far more interested in the page with the shapes and will interrupt whatever I’m doing so she can point to shapes on the page and have me label them.

She will say “set” when she wants some sort of play that usually pairs with Ready, Set, Go! She will also say “boooo” when she’s in a situation with a high probability of peek-a-boo.

She’s a happy kid, though. And she’s not too fast to keep up with yet. In the long run, writing this is mostly to show her where she was at what age, right?