Poor second child

Kirianna just will not have the luxury of looking back at detailed records of her babyhood. Hopefully she will forgive me for that.

Part of it is that there’s not a fuck of a lot to TELL. She’s here, and she’s doing pretty well, and she is developing. She is developing so gradually that it seems like she’s not changing much.

She recognizes her first letter! She can point to the letter O and say it.

She’s been saying ‘no’ clearly and as a response to any question anyone asks. She is starting to say some more words – in the past week, she’s shown interest in repeating words said to her and she’s begun to understand a bit more of what’s said to her. She’s been saying: go, shoes, and outside (ah-sii). She will walk into her room toward her changing table if I ask if she needs a diaper and she thinks she does (as long as I follow). She has no concept of asking for food or drink aside from going to the location drinks are kept and either removing one or looking inside intently.

She still doesn’t quite run yet but she has stopped tripping over the nothing as much.

She’s become very explorety. Doors must be shut because she will go hide in rooms she shouldn’t be in. She managed to get into the cats’ litterbox – I mean INTO the box, using it as a sandbox. (Thankfully I scooped all the shit that morning, or else that would’ve been an entirely different level of horrible.) She sort of understands what’s expected of her but will challenge that a lot.

Kiri is having trouble with shape sorters and similar toys. She can manage a simple chunky puzzle but isn’t interested in putting it together; instead, she will carry the pieces around. She always has objects in her hands.

And now she’s awake, so I’m going to go get her.