Mama and solids

Kirianna not only is saying the ‘ma’ sound, she is saying it specifically toward me! That’s not to say she doesn’t say it just for the hell of it as well, but she certainly is addressing or requesting me by saying ‘ma ma ma.’

She is also finally open to the idea of finger foods and more chunky foods than puree! As of yesterday, she was willing to try cereal puffs and oddly enough, some of Tristan’s Jalapenitos, which are freaking jalapeno flavored corn chips. That means she officially beats Tristan at eating spicy shit as a baby (he ate the red hot Cheetos at 16 months). I don’t think she did much other than suck on the spicy chips and then ooze them out onto the floor in gummy, squishy chunks. But she actually consumed cereal puffs and swallowed them to an extent – yes, more did end up on the floor than in her mouth. That being said, I put them into her mouth because if I hand them to her or leave them within her reach, she systematically deposits them onto the floor.

She has also seemed to gain a level in the amount of food consumed – I think it might be a growth spurt.

She still has four teeth, probably going on twelve.

The entire family has been Pretty Fucking Sick for about two weeks, with us getting over it right about now. Kirianna, being unlucky enough to not know how to blow her nose, has been making friends with the NoseFrida Snot Sucker. She hates it and needs to be pinned down for the process, but she is grateful she can breathe afterward. While she was congested, she would start to get fussy around the time that it would be time to perform the snot sucking procedure, but she’d be calm after it was over. At first the cats even got mad at me and one even nipped me, probably wondering if I was torturing her.

A few weeks ago (right before we got sick) Kirianna got a chance to re-meet her aunt Cindy while able to differentiate people. It took Kiri a little while to be ok with someone that wasn’t me holding her and spending time with her, but she warmed up very quickly to the point where she’d start to cry if Cindy left the room, sort of like she cries when I leave. It was very cute and it was wonderful to watch her forming attachments, especially since she’s initially very shy and clingy.