January quick note

Kirianna has started saying “cat” although it’s kind of muffled. Not surprised that she wants to say it, as it’s one of the first words she learned to understand. I think she also is trying to say “Tristan.”

She understands “baby up,” “come here,” “down,” and probably a few more. She likes to point to our nose, eyes, and mouth and have us say the words. It’s possible that she knows “nose” but she’s not consistent with it yet.

She’s still very happy to breastfeed, and I still want to work on weaning at 12 months. We offered her cow’s milk once and she likes it; not sure if she will accept it as a substitute. But I believe we officially get to skip formula. She also likes soy milk a lot. She will drink from an open cup (with an adult holding and tipping it) but hasn’t figured out how to use a straw yet.

She is very particular about the types of food she will eat. Of course, the hungrier she is, the more she will try, but she prefers citrus fruit and yogurt based foods. She still isn’t interested in lumpy foods or putting finger foods in her mouth, although she has been observed tasting some of the pieces of food that she’s very happy to carry around and occasionally mouthing her toys. Still not a danger to herself with regard to objects lying around – this is handy in a practical sense but we know it’s not developmentally regular.

Her sleeping is very off-schedule as she’s been sick for a week and change now. She’s been taking longer naps during the day but sleeping less at night – another mixed blessing. She is not nursing well to sleep at night and won’t nod off until 11pm or so; however, this might be useful in the weaning process as the before bed feeding could be expected to be the hardest one.

She’s very confident cruising on anything but still won’t let go to stand or walk on her own. She will grab your hands and walk a step or two, and then sit down and happily crawl. This contrasts greatly with her older brother, who insisted on being walked around for months but took his first solo steps at the age Kirianna is now. She will walk when she is interested; I am happy that she does not demand excessive attention to the matter, because with said older brother around, the attention would be impossible to give.

She has four teeth now. She had one for a long time and then sprouted three more within days of each other. I believe there are more ready to poke up any moment now.