Kiwi’s first Christmas

Kirianna has made it through her first Christmas! We only got her one big gift, since she doesn’t especially give a crap about holidays quite yet. It’s the Little Tikes Activity Garden, which is like a playhouse meant for kids who are under a year old. That being said, big brother Tristan plays with it a whole lot more than Kiri does. She did help rip some of the paper off of the box, but was more interested in playing with the play food that came with one of Tristan’s toys.

Her body has decided to sprout some Christmas presents – she is getting THREE more teeth right now. And she is miserable about it. She has become super clingy, strongly aversive to food, and not sleeping very well. We are trying to sleep train her a little bit, since she’s no longer responding to the usual formula of suck, suck, fall asleep, drop nipple, be carried to crib, sleep. She started sucking for an hour or so, falling asleep, and waking up screaming as soon as she hit the crib. Last night she cried for about an hour while James went back in to check on her and hang out with her without picking her up; I had better luck tonight as I was able to put her down and sit with her for about three minutes before she zombied out.

I suspect she will be walking in another month or two. She can pull up on just about anything now – very little actual support is required, and she only needs to hold on kinda-sorta with one hand. She’s gained her crawling credentials so she’s probably stepped down (pun not intended) the quest for mobility.

We have switched her to size 4 disposable diapers and completely unsnapped her cloth diapers’ size-down setup.

Mobility all ninja-like

Kirianna has learned to crawl and cruise this week! She’s still working on the crawling bit – she’s not quite adept at it yet. But she can get into position and get where she’s going. She’s also able to pull up to standing on me or anything somewhat stable and even sit back down by herself. She’s really gained confidence in moving from object to object. She very much resembles her big brother in the timing of learning to crawl and pull up – he also did both at about the same time and just shy of 9 months old. Unlike him, however, Kiri is trying to stand alone on her own and isn’t yet trying to have me (or anyone else) walk her around rooms.

This evening, we all went out to Red Robin.. it’s been a long time since we went out to eat as a family to somewhere we didn’t have to pay first. Kiri did wonderfully – she was entertained by all of the people walking by and sitting down nearby. We fed her pureed bananas while she sat in a high chair and ate our food, and she played with a one-sheet plastic menu.