It’s by no means consistent, but Kirianna has started pointing at things she wants or finds interesting. That’s a big thing we were watching out for because of autism in the family.

She has something very uncommon going on: she doesn’t put a hell of a lot into her mouth. This includes her toys or foods lumpier than puree. Since she’s pushing 9 months old, it’s something I notice since we have a lot of oral sensitivity/aversions going on in the family.

Language and motion

Kirianna started clapping her hands together tonight. I think this might be related to the Your Baby Can Read videos I show her when I want her to focus on something other than me for twenty minutes. She’s also been waving (mostly at herself in the mirror) and getting more consistent with high-fives.

Very much like big brother Tristan, she’s still not doing very well with crawling (though she can sort of ghetto it when she really is motivated), but has started trying to cruise from object to object already. I trust her to do it steadily when she’s not trying to climb me; however, she tries to climb me rather frequently. She seems far more clingy than some babies her age and drools far less. She’s very cautious about what she puts in her mouth and is averse to lumpier textures than pureed foods.

She is also completely addicted to the boob. She can’t fall asleep without one in her mouth unless she’s in a moving car and very tired. However, she’s changing her sleep patterns in general and it’s very hard to predict when she may be ready for a nap. This results in both a disproportionate time spent in a bed feeding her (trying to get her to go the fuck to sleep) and very sore nipples. I still want to wean her at age 1, so it’s time to start researching the process a bit more.

Chomp chomp

We have a tooth! It’s just barely cut through and we can’t really see it yet, but we can feel that it’s there. No wonder Ms. Fussypaws has been so, well, fussy lately.

Kirianna has been in her own room for about two weeks. That’s going.. not so well. The first night was rough – it was a new bed for her as well, since she’s in Tristan’s old crib instead of the Arms Reach bassinet. Then she slept through the night for maybe a couple of days. Since then, she has been up every freaking four hours or less. I’m getting really shitty sleep and it’s making me feel like hell. We’ve all been sick off and on for the past couple of weeks as well, so that probably contributes to Kirianna’s nighttime parties. For the most part, she cries to be fed, sucks for twenty minutes, and then goes back to sleep; once in a while, though, she wants to be up for an hour or so. And ‘up’ doesn’t mean I can plop her in the crib – it means that I have to lie next to her while she occupies herself doing something that probably is bumping me. Very much like her brother.

Since I felt the tooth, I busted out the Tylenol and hope that has some effect on her sleeping pattern. Seriously.

She’s also, like big brother, trying to learn to crawl and stand up at the same time. She’s getting pretty crafty at pulling herself up on tables and people, and she can switch between seated and lying position when she wants to (no more worrying about her hitting her head suddenly when sitting!).

Either yesterday or the day before, she started giving high-fives. She’s not really consistent on responding to it as an instruction yet, but she’s delivered a couple of times on command. She does it about three times and looks SO very pleased when praised for it.