Great big baby

Kirianna now says “dada” and “baba” (but it sounds like she’s saying “mama” and getting stuck on the m). As per usual, dada is when she’s happy and mama/baba is when she needs something. I see where my usefulness lies! She also says “wah” a whole lot. Way too much. She cries when put on the changing table, she protests when being put into the car seat (but gets over it as long as it’s not dark out), and she cries when left alone in a room unless she’s very busy.

We are now up to two feedings of “solid” (read: pureed) food per day. She likes it a lot, although I’m sure she’d be happy just the same with a boob all of the time. She tolerates food well and hasn’t had any reactions. She still has no teeth and still doesn’t drool very much.

She’s been very interested in pulling up to a standing position for about 3 days. She’s getting the hang of holding herself up. It seems like she just learned to sit without being held up, although I’m about 85% confident that she will not smack her head if I leave her alone and she falls over. She still crawls backward and rolls around, but she can’t really get where she wants to go and that frustrates the crap out of her. She’s been investing a lot of energy in climbing, although that usually is limited to the people on whose laps she sits.

She completely adores her big brother, as well as other kids about his age. She will accept Tristan as a substitute for me as long as she’s not hungry. Granted, he doesn’t yet really play with her, but he does provide valuable stimulation, company, and even snuggles. Tristan is becoming jealous if other children hug Kirianna. When I’m feeding her, he will often snuggle up to me and hold her hand or start nuzzling her head.


She speaks! Kirianna has begun to say ‘da da da da’ a bit. Not sure if she means ‘daddy’ but we’re working with it.

She seems to understand a few words. She looks around if you ask her where daddy, Tristan, or a cat is (or straight at any of the aforementioned if present). She also understands ‘more’ with relation to a spoon coming toward her mouth and she most definitely understands when she’s being offered a boob.

In other news, she still hasn’t sprouted any teeth (although she’s fussy enough that I won’t be surprised to see them appear), she’s sitting up a lot better and crashing on her own terms without bumping her head, is getting up on hands and knees and rocking, is able to scoot around a bit but not where she intends to go (usually backward), and is getting clingier by the day. She’s also as grabby as an octopus would be if one were a baby, somehow dislikes having shirts put on or removed, still won’t take a nap in her bed although she sleeps in it overnight just fine, and is completely content to sit in my lap and play with whatever’s at hand. She also also is enjoying “Your Baby Can Read” just like big brother (though he was actually easier to put down while the video was playing!) and is starting to enjoy solid foods twice a day and actually make it through a jar’s worth.

The cloth diapering experiment is going well. It’s been over a month since I invested in GroVia insert diapers and I’m happy with them, although (obviously) it means a lot more laundry and that my hands are in shit more often. Since we also have a 4 year old and some pets, I have to clean up shit on a regular basis, so this doesn’t bother me. The diapers do mean that her clothing no longer fits properly, because those things are bulky as hell. But I really like the idea of using soft cloth diapers instead of paper and gel, and I’m happy with not having to remember to go out and buy diapers or throw diapers away.