Level up in mobility

Little Miss Grabbypaws is discovering the fact that she can roll in both directions whenever she wants. This is making her behave as if she were an octopus while being fed, changed, and held – she’s pretty much climbing around whenever the conditions allow. She’s also starting to put herself at risk of rolling off of the bed, so she needs to be supervised just a bit more. She’s also starting to get up on her knees and rock around all pre-crawler like. She will reach out toward someone offering to hold her, sort of managing to dive at me.

Solid food feeding is going well. We’re up to 1.5 times per day of solids (2 times per day with a lot of days missing that second feeding). She vastly prefers vegetables to fruits. Since nobody in this household tends to actually prefer vegetables, I wonder how long this will last. New foods are being accepted well and the repertoire is increasing rapidly. She still likes her foods mixed with oatmeal cereal.

She’s also becoming VERY clingy. If I set her down, she doesn’t like it if I venture more than about a foot from her. As one could imagine, this is making anything that does not fall under the category of holding or entertaining Kirianna very difficult. It’s a bit easier when Tristan and/or James are around, as they provide entertainment so I can actually go get food or go pee without creating a wah-storm. She’s very much like her big brother in this department, only I think he was actually easier to distract with flashing lights on toys.

6 months old

Kirianna has made it to her half-year mark. Just 6 more months until she gets to smash a cake all over her face. Up to 6 more months where she gets to fall asleep with a boob in her mouth.

We still haven’t designated a nickname for her. Kirianna flows well enough. I think we have settled on “Keer-ee-on-a” as the pronunciation, although sometimes it sounds more like “Keer-ee-ehn-a.” I figure that it’s up to her to decide on the official pronunciation if she gives a shit. I will give her my best tips on getting people to call you what you want to be called. She does sort of answer to her name – she perks up a bit or looks toward the person saying it. Her response is a little bit stronger to “Hey, Wah!”

We’re about a month into solid foods. Cereal has been going mostly well; mostly, it’s a breastmilk delivery mechanism and she does enjoy breastmilk. She tends to favor oatmeal, be neutral about rice, and not really care for barley. We’ve also started fruits primarily to have more portable sources of food available. She is neutral to favorable about banana, seriously fucking hates apples, loves pears. She’s also had sweet potato but let’s face it, that presents far more like a fruit. And she tolerates it – we haven’t fed a whole lot of it.

Motor skills-wise, she’s going at her own pace. She’s been able to roll in both directions for quite some time but doesn’t do it that often. She does have a sort of squat and stout body, so this may not make it easy for her. She will push her ass over when she really wants, though. She’s able to turn in circles very slowly – put her down on the floor and suddenly she’s facing in a different direction. She also has similar ninja skills for scooting backward – I never see her do it, but suddenly she’s not quite where she was.

Her sleep habits are still settling. I don’t want to have her cry it out – I feel that her big brother has some lingering issues at the age of 4 because we thought crying it out was best for him when he was in a crib. I suppose with the combination of impending teething, becoming mobile, some gas in her tummy, she is waking up and crying several times during her sleep cycle. I’ll chalk it up to (hopefully) a small stage and try my best to remain patient. Her napping is still “take it when you can get it” – we really can’t do much about scheduling naps with Tristan around. The closest we can come to that is to pile everyone in the car for an hour to explore around town; Kirianna will doze off and Tristan will enjoy directing me left, right, or straight.

Lookswise, she seems to have my face on James’s head. She receives a LOT of comments about how big her eyes are. She smiles and giggles easily. She’s developing a lot of “oh shit, mommy is not HOLDING ME” anxiety, even when familiar people (and sometimes daddy) hold her.