5 months old

Kirianna is 5 months old! It seriously seems like she was just born. I am having fun watching her blossom into the person she’s going to become, but we have most certainly reached the age where she’s becoming headstrong.

She is able to sit unassisted for short periods of time – the kind where you place the baby in a seated position and she doesn’t fall. She’s not good enough at it yet to be left alone without a hand ready just in case, but she is good enough at it to hold her own for enough time to play and watch the world.

She learned how to make raspberry noises (pbbbt). She did this for about two days and then stopped. Hopefully her big brother doesn’t take that as license to start spitting all over the place.

She’s been grabbing at anything and everything. She can hold a bottle on her own if she chooses. That’s frightening in some ways, as her brother wasn’t able to do that for a few more months. Also, it’s scary because she rarely drinks from bottles. But she’s quite the grabber. Incidentally, she grabs at food and drinks we have in our hands, which makes the consumption or preparation of such difficult.

She seems to be attempting to get herself into a nap schedule, but it hasn’t gelled quite yet. This results in a cranky and overtired baby. Add to the mix one big brother who has to be within ten feet of me at all times but can never sit still, and letting her nurse to sleep isn’t effective while someone’s not home to corral him off somewhere. Riding in the car has been the best way to ensure she gets some sleep if Tristan is around, and falling asleep while she nurses (odd how one gets used to that) is the way to ensure I get some sleep once in a while. Oh, and she’s been waking up regularly from 5am-6:30am. That can go to hell.

We’ve started her on “solid” foods – just grain cereals so far. She seems happy to go along with this. I take it she will be even happier to go along with it once the food is tastier than bland cereal.

She had her first trip in the shower that wasn’t an emergency “get this puke off of me” trip. And she had her very first tiny little hair trimming. She seems to like the shower, and cutting her hair is about as difficult as cutting her brother’s (which is to say a pain, but doable.)