A roller for sure

Kirianna is now able to roll in both directions. The first time was three days ago – I put her down on her back and came back to find her just hanging out on her belly. She’s done it about three times now. She also seems to have forgotten a bit how to get from belly to back lately, so I really hope she doesn’t try that back-to-front crap while in bed until she remembers. (She typically rolls onto her side while asleep.)

She is also the proud owner of a jumper, which she seems to enjoy quite a bit. She can barely touch the floor in it, but she enjoys playing with the toys attached to it and is happy as long as someone’s paying her some attention.

Growing and fussing

Kirianna is close to doubling her birth weight – she’s 15lbs and some change. It seems like she’s still always attached to a boob and needs to eat so she can maintain that awesome growth. Either that or she’s been going through her 4 month growth spurt for a couple of weeks, whereby she needs to eat once per hour or else be utterly starving.

In the skills and cuteness department, she is now grabbing objects and our extremities and placing them in her mouth with ninjalike speed and precision, she rolls from front to back whenever put on her belly but isn’t rolling back to front yet although she tries her hardest, and she’s not yet able to sit on her own and doesn’t seem even close yet. I’m not worried about the sitting – Tristan was actually able to do it at the age Kirianna is now, but comparison is for informational purposes only. She also loves to be talked to and I believe she thinks her name is “Wah,” although she does perk up and giggle when we say “Kirianna.” Her personal song goes like this: “Wah, wah, wahedy wah, I said a wah wah wahedy wah” (sung to the tune of “Bang, bang, bangedy bang” etc.) and her face positively lights up when it’s sung to her.

4 months old

Kirianna is still breastfeeding like a champ, and refuses most bottles. She hasn’t had any formula in months now. We’re using Mimijumi bottles, which sort of look like a boob-topped bottle. I pump once per day so that we have milk to provide supplementary (read: by dad or visiting family) feedings. She’s become a more efficient nurser who can finish a feed in less than ten minutes, but will spend an hour at a time occasionally attached to one of my nipples, and then half of the next hour as well.

She sleeps a pretty nice nighttime stretch. Her bedtime has evolved to be 10 pm, nursed to sleep. She wakes up in the morning somewhere between 6 and 9 – the earlier, the better chance she will go back to sleep for a bit, but later means I actually get to sleep in. A few weeks back she threw a couple of 3 am wakings in there, but they are few and far between. Knock on wood. She’s made it clear that she would most definitely prefer to be sleeping in the same bed as me but that she will tolerate her own sidecarred bed for overnights.

She’s very grinny and loves to be talked to. She sometimes does the bashful hiding of her face in mine or James’s chest in response to being chatted up. She still solicits eye contact but is also interested in the world around her, or most of the time I am holding her there is a boob in her mouth.

She’s found her own hair in the past several days, which she plays with a lot. She has been touching her feet and sort of holding them up for diaper changes lately. Her grip isn’t very strong yet so it’s more like she grabs her feet while I change the diaper. She also has been enjoying batting and grabbing at all kinds of dangly baby toys and sitting in her Bumbo seat.

She’s very curious about and tolerant of her big brother.

She has started making some grunty-growly noises in the past few days that we’re not sure the motivation for. It sounds like a cross between having to poop and wanting to eat, with a dose of trying out the voice thrown in.

We’re about to try size 3 diapers in hopes that some of the more recent blowing out of poop will cease. She fits into 3-6 month clothing but a lot of it seems tight on her. She’s catching up rapidly with the height (I swear that she grew two inches in a week’s time a few weeks back) but has a bit of a thick midsection. It trips me out that Tristan was a few pounds heavier than Kirianna is at any given age so far but Tristan always fit into his clothes precisely as the label said they should, and he’s sort of tall and skinny.

She is likely teething a bit. It’s about time for that, isn’t it?

She still has an amazingly calm demeanor, although she really doesn’t like being in the car for too long.

She has feet!

Kirianna has discovered that she has feet and has been grabbing at them a lot. She’s completely delighted when you tell her about it, too. It almost seems like she grabs them on command but it’s just really coincidental.

She’s most definitely becoming interested in playing and interacting. She likes to try to do backflips and roll from her back to her belly while James is holding her, too. But she’s amenable to being put down and given toys to punt or bat at for a few minutes at a time. Grandma got her a Bumbo seat, which she also enjoys quite a bit, and we have a bouncy chair that she’s having fun with.

Wearing her in the Ergo is going well. James has worn her twice now, and she pretty much zonks out whenever he does it. I was able to pull her legs out halfway so she’s not completely scrunched against me like a frog, which she does not seem to find completely comfortable.

James is able to entertain her by having her sit next to him on the couch while she looks at whatever he’s doing on his laptop. Let’s hope that he’s not looking at anything too explicit quite yet. But with that arrangement, I can get a small break from babies and James can hold Tristan on the other side and still enjoy some computer time.