3 months old and counting

Kirianna is starting to become more aware of her environment. She’s allowing us to put her down once in a while and is deliberately kicking and grabbing at toys. She’s also started to put her hands and toys into her mouth.

She hasn’t rolled over since her initial tummy to back roll last month. She’s trying as hard as she can to roll over from her back to her tummy but hasn’t figured out that she needs to tuck her arm underneath her quite yet. This is satisfactory to me; I am most definitely not prepared to find her face down in bed. Currently, she smushes her nose up against the side and that scares the shit out of me. She’s also kicking off blankets and grabbing them to pull them above her head, so we’ve limited blanket use dramatically and only to the ones that would be difficult to suffocate on.

She is still a pretty easy baby, but she’s experiencing a fussy time every day lately. I can still calm her down, probably because I possess the magic boob. We’re trying to figure out the motivation behind her recent lung development and it seems to come down to sleep patterns or really needing to poop. Her catnaps are evolving into a need for actual naps and she’s very screamy when she keeps getting interrupted. We’ll have to work on this in the coming weeks.

Her likes include: being touched by big brother Tristan, being held, being talked to, being sung to (especially “Wah, wah, wahedy wah” and the ABC song), and watching Food Network shows.

Life as usual

Every time I come to write a post about Kirianna lately, I come up with a lack of things to say. She’s a baby. She’s doing very well and has a wonderful disposition – smiles a lot, easy to soothe, and loves being talked to. She’s not repeating or learning any amazing feats – hasn’t rolled over since the first day. She’s still breastfeeding and it’s going swimmingly (figuratively). She alternates between pooping seven times a day and once every three days. She gets a lot of attention in public because she’s a baby. She hates being put down but will tolerate it for bedtime and for short amounts of time with toys to look at. She had been sleeping through the night but for the past 3 nights has been waking up every 3 hours for food, but her wakings are not screamy. And that’s pretty much life with her, as usual.