Baby on the move

Kirianna has been eating and sleeping very oddly for the past few days. This is probably due to the fact that she has gained a level in mobility! She squirmed herself almost horizontally in her bed the night before last and has been grasping at her blankets and other things besides my hair. She is also in the process of discovering her hands and how she can put them in her mouth for reasons other than a direct request for food, and the drool factory is starting – time to go find the bibs soon!

This means that we have had to change how we keep her warm at night – no more green fuzzy blanket for the little grabber. She’s in a sleep sack and a couple of blankets that are about the same thickness as gauze, so if she manages to drag one over her face, there should be no problem. And speaking of at night, she had a two-day stretch where she slept from about midnight to 8 straight, but told that to go to hell as she’s up every 4 hours again. At least she has some semblance of a nighttime sleep – I hear of a lot of babies who are up every 2 hours; knock on wood about the 4 hour stretches!

Rolling over

Kirianna rolled from her belly onto her back twice today! It surprised the heck out of me because she’s not really trying to lift her head too much while on her belly. We were at SwaRay, a local kids’ play area, and I had her on the floor on a blanket. I put her down and over she went! I got out the camera and put her back on her belly, and she performed very nicely for the camera.

Two months old

Kirianna is two months old! How time has flown. It seems like it went so much faster than when her big brother Tristan was her age.

She seems to be developing a personality. She smiles a lot and giggles a bit. She seems fascinated by Tristan and a bit of a daddy’s girl. She still doesn’t cry very much but I’m not sure if that’s because she has us trained to pick her up at the slightest hint of a “wah” or she’s an easy baby. She no longer likes being put down anywhere unless it’s under her play gym, and that only lasts about ten minutes. She enjoys dangling, shiny things and they will make her giggle – it also seems like she deliberately kicks the play gym toys if she can reach them with her foot. When she nurses, she likes to drape her arm over my breast. Her sleep patterns are still odd, but the overnight period is at least remaining predictable – it seems like she never naps during the day anymore, though. She handles being pushed in a stroller well and will almost always doze off while moving. She also handles being worn in a carrier decently but will try to nurse the whole time, which makes it tedious for me. When she nurses, she pulls back but not off a lot, causing my nipple to extend as if it were made of rubber.

She is most definitely getting cuter by the day!

Play gym

Kirianna is finding joy in toys now! We have a little play gym with dangling toys that we set up from time to time. She is officially excited at seeing the dangling and moving critters hanging from the spider-looking suspender thingie. She’s also started punting – not as much as Tristan – as well as making cooing noises and smiling a lot. She’s still not big on “tummy time” yet but has been accepting of it once or twice. But yay for developing a personality!