Grinning, etc.

Kirianna’s been grinning a lot today. It’s rather cute. We probably should have gotten some pictures. On the other hand: she also hasn’t pooped today – makes one wonder if said grinning is a side effect of trying to push things out.

Otherwise, she’s doing well. She seems to spend most of the day awake and feeding, these days – but she tends to get a good 6-8 hours of sleep at night, which is nice. Funny thing: if we want her to sleep during the day, the answer is pretty much to take her out somewhere – she’ll pretty reliably fall asleep in the stroller/carseat combo. Anything else is pretty much a gamble.

Up a size

In diapers, that is. We are opening our first package of size 2 diapers. The size 1s aren’t totally tiny on her, but poop is threatening to explode. I went through all of our baby bags and supplies and switched them out, and we’ll begin using them on her butt once we finish the size 1s.

In somewhat unrelated news, Kirianna most definitely sleeps an overnight shift and is not sleeping very much during the day. I’m glad that we didn’t have to put much effort into that! The tradeoff is that during the day, she cluster feeds like a madwoman and I have this permanent appendage attached to my breasts. Thankfully, Tristan seems to be ok with this and his behavior is even improving with his little sister around.

Fountain of milk

Kirianna has been a bit spittier since the fountain of formula event. I hope we don’t have to give her any more for a few more months, if at all. Tristan handled it at 6 months but he didn’t like it; I can deal with a scenario like that where we transition her at the point where she can handle solid foods, if we don’t make it to a year of breastfeeding and pumping. I don’t think I’ll make it to a year with her, depending on my level of sanity, but I’m glad to have gotten this far.

I’m not sure how normal breastfeeding patterns work with age and skill level, either. I feel like most of my waking time is spent with a baby attached to my body by her mouth. It’s still quite a learning process. I can’t count on being able to do anything else besides nurse while I’m nursing her. A lot of the time, I need one hand to hold my breast away from her nose and another hand to hold her head on my breast, leaving me to hopefully enjoy what is on TV. Nursing in public is turning out interestingly – I am fairly comfortable having a baby attached to my boob while out in the world, but unless I get to sit down somewhere and focus on her, it makes me physically uncomfortable because the multitasking thing means her latch is poor and I either need to keep my hands down my shirt and repop her on every twelve seconds or she finds the nipple on her own and mislatches. It doesn’t help that my anatomical proportions unusual enough to fall outside of “one size fits all,” so a lot of common sense breastfeeding advice is difficult to apply.

We’ll figure it all out, though! As long as the kiddo eats and grows.

What’s bedtime again?

Kirianna seems to think that 3am is her bedtime. We are working on this. She’s begun to really hate being put down; she wants to take all of her catnaps on someone.

And she’s pretty much nursing constantly. She’ll feed for about 7 minutes, pass out, wake back up in 15 minutes, feed for about 7 minutes, rinse and repeat. Even if I lower her to my lap, she will typically wake up. And it feels like she’s pretty much an extra appendage attached to my front. I’m still pumping at night (right now, in fact) and some days we’ll end up with a surplus of milk, some days she manages to outdrink everything I can produce. Tonight she managed to coat James in a thick layer of formula when he dared to feed her some after she drank all of the pumped milk.

We are all getting over a cold. James ended up calling the doctor a few days ago; her symptoms weren’t that bad other than being congested enough that lying down flat was difficult for her, but everything we see says to call for cold symptoms when baby is under 3 months old. Her temperature got up to 99 degrees but not the giant red flag level of 100.4, thankfully. She slept in her swing while congested and got back to her bed (which is a co-sleeper bassinet that sidecars to my side of the bed) last night.


Kirianna’s eyes are starting to appear to focus. She seems a lot more aware of her environment and a lot more interested in the people around her. She’s still not smiling yet other than the infamous gas smiles babies show, but she definitely stares at faces now.

One month old

I’ve been so busy making the site that I missed the actual one month mark, but I’m sure things will not implode.

Kirianna is somewhere between 10 and 11 lbs based on weighing me with her and then me without her on our home scale. We didn’t opt to get a baby scale this time. She wears size 1 diapers and is close to growing out of them, but will go through at least another package before she does. Her clothes are size 0-3 months but only the larger-running ones; she skipped the teeny tiny clothing altogether. 

She likes to be kept very warm. We keep the home at around 75 degrees but there are fans running on high in most rooms. While sleeping, she prefers to have about 3 blankets  on top of a sleep sack. Most of her blankets are gauzy muslin so they won’t pose a suffocation risk. She tolerates a tight swaddle better than when she did a few weeks ago, although she really does like to use her arms. She enjoys being worn in a baby carrier so far and falls asleep rather fast in it.

We are transitioning from feeding pumped breastmilk to straight breastfeeding. As a team, Kirianna and I have been figuring out the mechanics of breastfeeding and I’m glad to say that we are successful. She’s a bit of a punk and likes to chomp, so I’m often sore. But we’re no longer supplementing and I’ve even been making headway with nursing her in public, especially in a baby carrier.

She can hold her head up nicely now. She also has a tendency to headbutt whoever is holding her when she’s hungry and rooting for food if we’re not careful.

During her first few weeks, she slept willingly in her swing but won’t do it often now; she has realized that she prefers being held. But she’s still easy to keep from crying most of the time.

A night of sleep

Kirianna slept her first 6ish hour stretch last night! Hopefully this is a trend she will continue and expand upon. She’s been cluster feeding for most of the evening, so perhaps she will be able to sleep well and let us all be slightly less zombified.

Waking up and eating

Kirianna seems to be waking up a bit. She suddenly doesn’t sleep away the entire day and night, and she is eating significantly more in the past two days or so. Of course, not sleeping away much of the night eats into our sleep considerably, so we will have to teach her that night is when we all need some sleep for our sanity. 

Speaking of eating, we’re feeding her every which possible way you can feed a newborn. She’s part breastfed, part fed with pumped milk, and part formula fed. I can almost keep up with her milk demands but on the days I can’t, she gets to taste the loveliness that is formula. She doesn’t tolerate formula as well as breastmilk, so that keeps me wanting to try to produce enough. I am also considerably eating my words about pumping: I swore up and down that I wouldn’t pump much if at all with this one, yet here I am attached to the pump right now. (Although I wouldn’t have any time to work on websites if I weren’t granted dedicated pumping time!)

I gave her the second bath she’s had so far this afternoon. Her cord stump fell off on (I think) March 23rd; at about two weeks of age, she was ready for a bath far sooner than Tristan was. This time was a lot easier than the first bath, as she is a lot more steady and capable of holding her head up.