First bath

Kirianna had her first bath this evening. We saved Tristan’s old bathtub (because I am a packrat). It was fairly quick and, well, dirty. She’s a couple of weeks younger than Tristan was when his cord fell off and he was able to take his first bath, so it was a considerably different experience. I had to hold Kirianna up with one hand and do everything else with the other. She feels and smells all fresh and clean now, and it probably only took 5 minutes of actual bath time once everything was set up and baby was added.

Kirianna joins the world

Kirianna Tarja was born on March 11, 2012 at 10:58 am after a fairly complicated and lengthy process. 

Wednesday, March 7: late at night, I noticed that there was some pain with contractions, but it was very slight.

Thursday, March 8: around 5pm, the contractions became regular and painful. Later that evening, the contractions became difficult to bear – we went to Walmart and I had to stand still when one hit. We started timing contractions using an iPhone app and they progressively got more regular and stronger.

Friday, March 9: around 5am, I called the labor and delivery department at the hospital after getting pretty much no sleep due to contractions every 5 minutes. They had me come in. I was still able to walk but it was difficult and I had to pause many times before finally making it all the way up to labor and delivery. I was put in an observation room around 7am and we stayed for 5 hours before the nurse informed us that I really wasn’t progressing and that it would be best for me to go home. I begged for something for pain relief and went home with a good dose of Knock My Ass Out. I slept the afternoon away; turns out that good pain relief pills also stop contractions a bit. The contractions returned that evening and I spent a lot of time in the shower, as that also helped dull the pain. I didn’t get much sleep during the night and the contractions got strong enough that I had to do some very focused posing and breathing to avoid screaming.

Saturday, March 10: in the early morning, it was hospital time again. We were so very lucky to have James’s mom available to watch Tristan; she arrived in the nick of time. This time a small amount of progress was made and I was admitted. I begged for the epidural pretty much immediately as I am a complete wimp who can’t handle pain. Even with the epidural, the pain was difficult to bear save the one point where they managed to completely numb my legs. This was a very long day in the hospital and I caught sleep whenever I was able to. I wasn’t allowed to eat, so I drank as much water and ate as many ice chips as I was permitted. I needed to receive intravenous penicillin every 4 hours due to testing positive for Group B Strep; that crap hurt a lot and needed to be diluted. I ended up receiving Pitocin intravenously to try to speed up the progress of labor, since I apparently have an iron uterus. My bag of waters was broken with the knitting needle of doom sometime during the evening.

Sunday, March 11: I remember feeling nauseous and needing to vomit my hard-earned ice chips into one of the puke condoms that were available for sudden oral expulsion. That seemed to be the signal for me being fully dilated and ready to push. Two hours of pushing turned into absolutely no further progress; her head would start to come down when I pushed and go right back up when the contraction was over. I got very scared and was in a lot of pain; the doctor came in and said that this was a good time to consider going in for a repeat c-section. I felt like it was the right decision and was prepped for surgery; by this point I was in so much pain that approximately 5 nurses had trouble moving me from the hospital bed to the operating table because I could not physically cooperate. The epidural was switched for a spinal and it took all the control I could possibly muster to sit still for the eternity until the pain subsided and I was set down. The anesthesiologist gave me something for the sudden nausea and I was mostly out of it. My hands weren’t strapped down this time, which surprised me considering how much of a mess I was coming into the operating room. The surgery seemed very fast and the baby was lifted out, pronounced female, and shown to us before her newborn procedures were completed.

And so we have a new baby! I suppose I failed the ‘trial of labor’ but she’s here and we’re both healthy.