A more grown up version

It certainly has been a while since Kirianna’s news has seen an update! She’s 3.66 years old now.

The short version goes as follows:

She had about a year of ABA therapy, Speech therapy, and Occupational therapy through a company called A is for Apple. Then she was completely mainstreamed at the age of 3.

Kiri went from needing a lot of help to being an absolute ninja; from very few words to having an eerily adept grasp on language skills. She talks, talks, and talks some more – and her vocabulary is impressive. She sight reads a lot of words, including anyone’s name she knows and many common 3-4 letter words, but she’s not interested in mastering reading quite yet. She just learned to write her name – she is timid in writing but bold as she masters it.

She’s in preschool now – an absolutely huge class of ~34. I work in her class a bit and get to watch her interact. She’s really cute there. Like her brother, she masters the academics easily. She also just mastered the monkey bars and is very proud of it.